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Mens Bowls Report


Wednesday 6th February

Winners – T Sewart E Paget; Runners Up – G Crocker M Halloran

Six Pack – D Crough M Brosie C Shepeard

Thursday Twilight 7th February

Winner – G Nicholls P Latham; Runners Up – R Eckersley J Tuckey

Friday 8th February

Winners – D Artis S Craig; Runners Up – T Stewart C Shepeard.

Six Pack –


Social Bowls are on Wednesdays & Fridays names in by 9.30 for a 10.00 am start.

Thursday Twilight names in by 5.00pm for 6.00pm start

Saturday Session names in by 12.00 pm for a 1.00 pm start. Please note change of start time. Visitors welcome.



Round 1

L Ward, T Crough & C Beijeman def G Crocker, D Crough & M Halloran

J Casson, M Whale & K Greentree def T Collins, D Artis & J Stuart

K Mackey’ Cr Graham & S Graham def G Hall, M Tarbert & K Trow

D Spinks, L Neaves & J Myers def P King, Graham Collins & B Brosie

Garry Collins, G Nicholls & K Lachlan def Col Graham, K Thomson & B Burg

P Guilfoyle, C Schroeder & M Woods def D Jordon, B Preston & L Preston

N McCarty, P Latham & G Patterson def M Handley, M Redden & D Page

Round 2

T Daley, D Daley & D Russell def L Ward T Crough C Beijeman

S Mitchel, Team & M Gibson Def T Halcroft, G Cheney & J Tuckey

D Spinks A L Neaves J Myers def P King Pluto B Brosie

Garry Collins G Nicholls K Lachlan def P Guilfoye C Schroder M Woods

Round 3

N McCarthy P Latham G Patterson def S Mitchell J Orman M Gibson

Ladies Bowls Report

RESULTS 9th February 


Championship Singles 9th February


D Quick def  A Herden  


C Myers def L Collins   


M Brosie def T Morris   


R Sweeney def J Stephens 


Minor Singles


A Nott def R Kennedy  



DRAW Wednesday 13th February


Championship Singles 9.15am


R Sweeney v S Ninness (marker C Cheney)



DRAW Saturday 16th February


Sem-Finals Minor Singles  9.15am


K Daley v C Hawkins (marker S Otte)


A Nott v C Murray (marker L Collins)


Umpire:  Phyllis Keys          Controlling Body: Fay Hunt



DRAW Saturday 23rd February


Semi-Finals Championship Singles after meeting


M Brosie v winner R Sweeney & S Ninness


C Myers v winner P Girvan & D Quick



DRAW Saturday 2nd March


Final Championship Singles 9.15am


Winners of semi-finals to play


Final Minor singles 9.15am


Winner K Daley & C Hawkins v winner A Nott & C Murray



General meeting to be held at South Bowlo 23rd February 9.30 am


Pennant Practice for grades 3 & 4 will be Tuesday afternoons commencing 5th February 5.30pm.  You must attend to keep your place on the team.


Weekend  Pennants a proposed new event.  Details are on the board.  Please place your name on the sheet if you are interested in playing in this event


Nominations sheets are on the board for the triples, pairs, and minor pairs 


Wishing Deb Quick and Chris Myers the best of luck when competing in the Australian Indoor Singles at the weekend (16th-18th Feb)

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Tournaments At South Bowlo

Check back regularly for updates


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Coaching at SOUTh Bowlo

South Bowlo's Club Coaches are

  • Graeme Nicholls

  • Kevin Clifton

If you are interested in a coaching session, please contact reception for bookings (02) 6765 5766