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Mens Bowls Report


Wednesday 16th January

Winners D Crough & S Graham

Runners Up S Jones & T Stewart

Six Pack C Beijemam & T Crough

Thursday Twilight 17th January

Winners A M Herden & R Sweeney

Runners Up T McGrath & N Golledge

Six Pack S Ninness

Friday 18th January

Winners D Artis & S Craig

Runners Up S OÇonnor & T Collins

Six Pack D Gross

Saturday Session will recommence after the Festival

Nomination sheets are on the board for club Pairs

Festival Bowls

Every Evening during the Festival we will be running games of twilight pairs. The format will change each night, great prizes on offer. See notice board for details. Visitors most welcome

Club Championships Draw

Club Fours Round 1

Saturday 2nd February at 1.00 pm

J Stewart, M Gibson, M Whale & K Greentree


T Preston, B Preston, L Preston & K Trow

T Collins, L Ward, Team & J Orman


T Halcroft, S MItchell, M Handley & J Tuckey

G Crocker, R Eckersley, I Johnston & M Halloran


Col Graham, M Redden, K Thompson & B Burg

G Hall, G Patterson, M Tarbert & J Myers


B Hogan, G Nicholls, N McCarthy & P Latham

D Crough, C Beijeman, T Crough & J Stevens


G Wackett, P King, J Casson & K Lachlan

Club Fours Round 2

Sunday 3rd February at 9.30 am

Winner of K Greentree V K Trow


C Shepeard, G Collins, G Cheney & A L Neaves

Winner of J Orman V J Tuckey


T Daley, D Jordan, D Daley & P Latham

Winners of H Halloran V B Burg


Winner of J Myers V P Latham

K Mackey, S Sweeny, Cr Graham & S Graham


Winner of J Stevens V K Lachlan

Club Fours Semi - Finale

Winners of round two will play of for a spot in the Finale

Ladies Bowls Report

DRAW Championship Singles Saturday 2nd February


Losers to mark in the following round.  If you are unable to mark you must arrange for someone else to mark for you. 


C Murray v P Girvan (marker C Cheney)


C King v L Collins (marker M Creswick)


A Nott v D Quick (marker S Otte)


J Bailey v C Myers (marker R Sweeney)


C Hawkins v M Brosie (marker A M Herden)


S Ninness v S Burg (marker J Stephens)


T Morris v P Key (marker J Northey)




DRAW Championship Singles Saturday 9th February


Winner  A Nott & D Quick  v   A M Herden


Winner  C Hawkins & M Brosie  v  winner T Morris & P Key 


Winner  C Myers & J Bailey  v  winner  L Collins & C King


R Sweeney v J Stephens 


C Cheney v M Creswick 



GENERAL:  Wishing Joan Northey, Fay Hunt and Lorraine Collins  the best of luck when they play in the finals of the Summer League later this month.



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Tournaments At South Bowlo

Check back regularly for updates


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Coaching at SOUTh Bowlo

South Bowlo's Club Coaches are

  • Graeme Nicholls
  • Carol White
  • Mike Whale
  • Kevin Clifton

If you are interested in a coaching session, please contact reception for bookings (02) 6765 5766