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Mens Bowls Report



Wednesday 11th July

Winners – S Craig & W White. Runners up – L Truman & T Crough. Six Packs – G Crocker & K Jones

Friday 13th July

Winners – T Preston & K Lachlan. Runners up –D Crough, T Halcroft & D Gross. Bottle of wine – S Burg

Saturday Session – No Play.



Wednesday & Friday Social bowls is back to a 1pm start. Names in by 12noon, call 67655766 to nominate or pop your name on the sheet on the bowls board (please note that we need 8 starters for Friday Social to go ahead). Saturday Session Saturday 21st July, names in by 12 for a 1pm start. The Mixed Pairs Carnival has a change of date to the 1st & 2nd of September, The flyer & Nomination sheet is on the noticeboard. The competition draw for the 21st & 22nd of July is on the website & noticeboard.



Major/Minor Pairs- N Williamson & L Preston def K Walker & S Bayliss 24/15, P Guilfoyle & C Schroeder def R Eckersley & M Whale 26/12, T McGrath & N Golledge def T Collins & M Canu 26/17, L Ward & A L Neaves def D Crough & Col Graham 23/15, B Hogan & J Orman def G Crocker & M Gibson 31/12T Preston & K Lachlan def B Walker & L Assef 25/24, T Hayes & K Mackey def G Collins & K Trow 19/16, B Pannowitz & B Brosie def J Stevens & S Graham 25/18, C Sheppeard & K Thomson def N Williamson & L Preston 23/20, P Guilfoyle & C Schroeder def T McGrath & N Golledge 22/13, G Hall & D Daley def J Creeswick & A L Neaves 31/10, B Hogan & J Orman def P King & G Patterson 25/12, T Preston & K Lachlan def T Halcroft & J Tuckey 27/12, T Hayes & K Mackey def P Crowe & T Daley 26/22, T Crough & A Jarratt def B Pannowitz & B Brosie 21/15, P Guilfoyle & C Schroeder def C Sheppeard & K Thomson 25/10, T Preston & K Lachlan def B Hogan & J Orman 20/11, T Hayes & K Mackey def T Crough & A Jarratt 20/17.




Saturday 21st July at 1pm 

Minor Fours Final

K Walker, G Nicholls, B Preston & N McCarthy


S Fitzgerald, T Collins, T Preston & S Sweeney


Veteran  Pairs

G Hall & J Stevens vs J Casson & G Patterson

P Latham & J Myers vs T Crough & M Canu


Sunday 22nd  July at 1.00 pm

Club Fours Final

B Preston, T Preston, L Preston & K Trow


G Hall, G Patterson, L Assef & J Myers


Minor Triples

K Walker, N Williamson & B Walker


M Redden, N Honeyman & P Crowe


Saturday 28th July at 1.00 pm


Major/Minor Pairs

B Preston & D Jordan vs G Nicolls & P Latham

T Preston & K Lachlan vs T Hayes & K Mackey


Veteran Pairs

P Johnson & G Harris vs C Sheppeard & M Whale

Winner Stevens/Patterson vs B Pannowitz & B Brosie


Mixed Fours

C Hawkins,R Sweeney,G Hawkins & S Sweeney


D Quick,C Myers,K Trow & L Myers

M Williams,M Brosie,B Burg & B Brosie


T Morris,E Page,P King & J Stevens



Sunday 29th July at 1.00 pm


Major/Minor Pairs

Winner B Preston & D Jordan/G Nicholls & P Latham


G Hall & D Daley

Mixed Fours

Winner J Myers/ S Sweeney


L Collins,C Cheney,L Preston & Chris Collins

Ladies Bowls Report


RESULTS  Saturday 7th July


Consistency Singles

L Collins def  M Brosie


DRAW SATURDAY 14th July 9.10am

Major/Minor Pairs 2:4:2 18 Ends

M Creswick & C White  v   D Halcroft & A M Herden 


Controlling Body: C Cheney


DRAW Saturday 21st July

No comp. West Tamworth City of Light Carnival Sat/ Sun


DRAW Saturday 28th July 9.10 am

Final Championship Pairs

D Quick & C Myers  v  C Murray & M Brosie


Final Minor Singles

J Stephens  v  C Hawkins (marker S Otte)


Semi Final Consistency Singles

R Sweeney  v   L Collins (marker C Cheney)



We would like to extend our congratulations to Christine Myers who has been asked to trial for the Over 60’s State Side on 21st July


Best of luck to everyone playing in the Regional Play-Offs at Uralla this coming week.


Association Day  Monday 16th July at Quirindi. 


Gala Day Kootingal Alternating Triples Wednesday 25th July, one game 18 ends.  Entries close13th July.


100 Club more help is needed August/September

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Tournaments At South Bowlo

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Coaching at SOUTh Bowlo

South Bowlo's Club Coaches are

  • Graeme Nicholls
  • Carol White
  • Mike Whale
  • Kevin Clifton

If you are interested in a coaching session, please contact reception for bookings (02) 6765 5766